Justin Lubin

Justin Lubin is one of the most versatile still photographers in the entertainment industry. His unit work and portraits of such diverse personalities as Russell Crowe, Mark Wahlberg, Amanda Seyfried, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Morgan Freeman, Frank Grillo, Robert De Niro,  and Jason Statham among countless others, has appeared in leading publications throughout the world. Lubin’s work has won Key Art awards and is seen frequently on billboards, merchandise and in national magazines including Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Emmy, People and Time. Justin has shot publicity campaigns for various studios and major corporations such as Marvel, Apple, ABC, NBC, Universal, Warner Bros., Blumhouse, Disney,  Lionsgate, Sony and EA Games.

The Publicists of the International Cinematographers Guild honored Justin with several nominations for Excellence in Unit Still Photography award for his work in the Motion Picture & Television Industry.

Justin Lubin | Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers
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