Online Galleries

As part of our mission to preserve photographs taken during motion picture production for their historical and cultural importance, we offer these online exhibition galleries for your interest and enjoyment.

A Single Frame: Celebrating Twenty Years of the Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers

This online exhibit features images from the SMPSP 20th anniversary limited edition coffee table book with 112 set photos taken during film productions all over the world by our photographers

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The Slate Show

Slate, Clapper, Sticks, Board, Marker - All terms used to describe the process of scene designation and sound syncing each time the camera rolls. In this online exhibit, our members capture the ubiquitous slate during the production of feature films around the world.

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The Directors

Motion picture directors over the years, as captured by our members.

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Crew Call: Celebrating the Crafts

Features 115 images taken on film sets by 25 of our members. The photographs provide glimpses of how numerous and essential, "below-the-line" crafts people create movie magic during long days and nights of shooting. Archival prints originally on display at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills CA., the exhibit is presented here for online viewing.

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