About us

About Us

The Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers was founded in 1995 as a nonprofit, honorary organization dedicated to the art of motion picture still photography. Our interests include the promotion of archival preservation of still pictures shot on sets for their historical and cultural importance. The organization also provides a forum for members to exchange ideas and discuss issues facing photographers today.

The Board of Directors, 2018

Merie Weismiller Wallace


Hopper Stone

Vice President

Hilary Bronwyn Gayle


Justin Lubin


Jasin Boland

international VP

Barry Wetcher

East Coast VP

2018 Full Members

  • Ed Araquel
  • Karen Ballard
  • Claudette Barius
  • Ron Batzdorff
  • Jasin Boland
  • Jaap Buitendijk
  • Jennifer Clasen
  • Andrew Cooper
  • David Dare Parker
  • Sam Emerson
  • Jessica Forde
  • Richard Foreman
  • Allen Fraser
  • Kimberly French
  • Scott Garfield
  • Hilary Bronwyn Gayle
  • Nicola Goode
  • Melinda Sue Gordon
  • Doane Gregory
  • Suzanne Hanover
  • Jose Haro
  • Larry Horricks
  • Peter Iovino
  • David James
  • Giles Keyte
  • Rolf Konow
  • Gemma LaMana
  • Joseph Lederer
  • Justin Lubin
  • Jay Maidment
  • Habib Majidi
  • Frank Masi
  • Darren Michaels
  • Robert Palka
  • Macall Polay
  • Tony Rivetti Jr.
  • Mark Rogers
  • Helen Sloan
  • Hopper Stone
  • Suzanne Tenner
  • Lacey Terrell
  • Gordon Timpen
  • Jaimie Trueblood
  • Vince Vlitutti
  • Quim Vives
  • Wilson Webb
  • Merie Weismiller Wallace
  • Barry Wetcher
  • JoJo Whilden
  • Glen Wilson

Founding Members

  • Phil Caruso
  • Linda Chen
  • Andrew Cooper
  • Francois Duhamel
  • Anthony Friedkin
  • Melinda Sue Gordon
  • Suzanne Hanover
  • David James
  • Elliot Marks
  • Merrick Morton
  • Ralph Nelson
  • Peter Sorel
  • Stephen Vaughan

Honorary Members

Phil Bray, Phil Caruso, Francois Duhamel, Brendan Fraser, Anthony Friedkin, Kim Gottlieb-Walker, Dirck Halstead, Brian Hamill, Wynn Hammer, Keith Hamshere, Kerry Hayes, Douglas Kirkland, Francoise Kirkland, Merrick Morton, Melissa Moseley, Ralph Nelson, Eli Reed, Zade Rosenthal, Andrew Schwartz, Peter Sorel, David Strick, Stephen Vaughan, Robert Zuckerman.

Associate Members

Greg Dyro, John Eakin, Julie Gumpert, Ellen Harrington, Linda Harris Mehr, Mark Jacobson, Amy Kawadler, Pam Lord, Steve Loverro, Kimball Neelley, Pauline Rogers, Matt Severson, Don Sprouls, Danielle Straughn, Angelo Venturelli, Don Weinstein, Martha Winterhalter.

In Memoriam

Bob Cushman, Elliott Marks, Bob Marshak, Phil Stern, Bob Willoughby.

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