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Applicants for membership in the Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers will be required to provide the following:


You will be required to submit a portfolio of your work from feature films. In addition to your photographs from films, we encourage you to submit your personal work, which may or may not be associated with feature film production. We now do all portfolio reviews online.


  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone(s)
  • E-Mail
  • Website
  • Years of experience in the film industry
    as a unit still photographer (8 years minimum)
  • Feature Film Credits
  • Sponsoring SMPSP Members (2 required)
  • Reason for wanting to join the SMPSP


  • If admitted to The Society, you will be expected to participate and contribute.
  • The initiation fee is $300.00 and is payable at the time of your admission to The Society.
  • Annual dues are $150.00 per year, due and payable in January.

Become a member of the SMPSP

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